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blue angels blaze across the san francisco skyline. the city is jam-packed for an eventful weekend. just when you thought it couldn't get worse, prices at the pump reach a record high. a murder mystery. a quiet east bay community, woman is found dead inside her
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home. abc-7 news starts now. >> ama: good afternoon. i'm ama daetz. more than a million people are descending upon the city by the bay for all the festivities, including the long-standing fleet week tradition. lisa amin gulezian was at the marina green where there's blue angels just flew over. >> that sound can only mean one thing. the blue angel ares are in town for fleet week, and all eyes are on the sky above the marina green. fleet week is a tradition that welcomes the u.s. navy, marine corps and the coast guard to san san francisco. nine american and canada vessels entered the bay and docked at peer 80. causing many to stop and stare because on this day there is
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plenty to see. >> we came in to see the giants and we came in early to see fleet week and see the blue angels and -- there's lots to do here. >> my job consists of maintaining the aircraft, doing prechecks before flight. >> there is would a three-hour long wait to get on board the hybrid electric ship in the country. >> capable of bringing the marines ashore, through our helicopters. the ship also has a lot of use in a humanitarian assistance, disaster recovery mission. reporter: here kids got to see it all. >> my grandfather was in the navy and my dad brought me here to have found and learn about all the ships in the navy. >> adults also let their imagines -- imagination run wild. >> the blue angels and fleet week, there's too much to do.
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reporter: the blue angels are still flying. they did get off to a rocky start. the started 25-30 minutes late but there are thousands of people staying here at the marina green because the america's cup world series racing is starting right now, and that will go until about 5:00 or 5:30 this evening. so definitely avoid this area because there are thousands of people still here. live in san francisco. lisa amin gulezian. abc-7 news. >> ama: a great day to keep the car at home and walk-in stead with all those clouds. let's check in with meteorologist leigh glaser fork a -- for a look at the forecast. >> leigh: a terrific day to see the sights and hear the sound. live doppler 7hd showing you that most of the cloud have moved on towards the east of us. we're seeing mostly clear conditions out there right now. perfect conditions for just whatever you have planned this
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weekend. let's run through some of the events, tonight, at&t park, the reds and the giants. around 6:30, temperature around 60 degrees, maybe a little low cloudiness creeping in. by 9:30, temperature drops to 57. once again tomorrow, near the water front, we have the angels and americas cup, and looks like the low clouds and fog should peel back to the coast. just in time for all the festivities to start, 12:30, 1:00. the angels expected to take to the sky between 3:00 and 4:00. so, looks like good visibility. temperatures in the 60s. and if you're going to golden gate park tomorrow, overcast in the morning, 50s. and by tomorrow afternoon, look for a high around 60 degrees. we have some showers in our accuweather forecast, that's coming up. >> ama: along with fleet week, there's the americas cup world series along the embarcadero,
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and leigh had the weather for the districtly blue grass festival. and the street far is happening and the italian heritage parade is on sunday, and the giants have playoff games today and tomorrow. the hardly strictly blue grass festival is now in full swing. fans are packing golden gate field for the event. great music, and weather, it's all organizers could ask for. ♪ >> the festival runs through sunday. artists such as emmy lou harris and dwight yoakam are scheduled to perform. >> it's fantastic. it's such a beautiful day. compared to what the weather forecast was. it's warm. it's glorious. typically i work the installation and get everything set up and then by the time the show actually starts, if i -- i
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get to have some fun. >> we mentioned baseball. we have playoff fever on both sides of the bay. now, right now, the a's are up against the tigers in detroit in the american league division series. in the national league series, the giants are getting ready to host the cincinnati reds in about two hours and we'll hear from both a's and giant fans and a live report in just a few minutes. with all the events going on, everyone is urged to use public transportation because traffic congestion is expected in several areas. let's check out the roadways and see how we're doing. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. right-hand is northbound, coming into the city, doesn't look too bad. the bay bridge, that's the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, plenty of room for everybody to sail into the city. if you do drive, the waves traffic app can guide you
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download at abc-7 abc-7 slash with as and we have a map where you can click on events to avoid traffic hot spots. >> san francisco mayor ed lee says 100 more taxis will be out and about, and b.a.r.t. is operating longer and special event trays and there are more station agents to help, and muni is providing extra service for america's cup and fleet week, including the special l bus service from the'm civic center and van ness station, and there will be additional service on ferries. >> there's another reason to avoid driving. how about the price of gas? hit an all-time high in california. the average price in the state is now $4.61 a gallon. beating the previous record set in 2008 by less than a tenth of a penny. a sharp price increase began earlier this week. it's blamed on reduced supply and a volatile market in part
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due to the chevron refinery fire on august 6th. a gallon of regular will cost you an average 4.68 in san francisco. it's 4.63 in san jose and oakland. prices throughout the state are expected to climb for several more days before finally leveling off. a murder mystery in hercules where a woman was found dead last night in her home. her car stolen from the garage. police have no suspects and few clues in the killing which has left friends and neighbors stunned. here's the story. reporter: family, friends, rushed to this house on ash court, where police say a woman's body was found inside. >> i don't believe it until i come here. oh, shocking. is shocking. reporter: neighbors say the woman living here for 25 years was suzy ko and was supposed to pick her husband up from the
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airport last night but never made it. her husband called the neighbor and entered the house and found her lying in the entryway and told police there was blood around her body. the victim's blue subaru outback was missing from the garage. >> this is a tragedy. it doesn't matter what neighborhood it happens in, killing or robbery is just a tarring. -- tragedy. doesn't matter where it happens. it's a tragedy. >> she was really nice. nobody had any complaints with her. just sad. reporter: besides being well-liked on the cul-de-sac, neighbors say the victim was an avid garner and yesterday she spent the day cutting down a cherry tree she didn't like. the gardening tools are still on the front yard. >> she came over about 7:00, come over the driveway and turns around and goes, you can see my house now. i can't wait for kelvin to get home.
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>> kelvin was her husband? >> yeah. >> police admit they have no motive or suspects in the homicides, which has now left this once quiet cul-de-sac on edge. >> police in east palo alto investigating two deadly shootings there that happened blocks and hours apart. the first what as 8:20 last night. police say 21-year-old christopher baker died after being shot several times. the second shooting scene is three blocks away. 24-year-old lonnie brown was shot to death just after 11:00 last night. under the roar of neat week celebrations in san francisco, war protesters are marking the anniversary of the longest armed conflict in u.s. history. >> if we don't get in justice, you don't get no peace. >> the invasion of afghanistan started 11 years ago tomorrow. hundreds of marchers in downtown san francisco called for troupe
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withdrawal and was a mostly peaceful demonstration. witnesses say a window was lone broken accidentally in a building when the occupant tried so shut it. >> residents in a san mateo neighborhood are returning home after a frightening discovery in a local park. what happened to be homemade expose -- explosives war spotted in the park this morning. the bottles were filled with liquid that gave off a strong odor. the san mateo hazmat team and bomb squad responded. after the bottle ofs removed, the residents were allowed to return. a meningitis outbreak has spread. coming up, the latest states to report cases. we'll take you back to california's glory days of the late 1850s.
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the reberth of a
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>> a car accident in a church parking lot left a six-year-old girl dead and two other people jumped it happened just before 9:00 this morning at st. andrew catholic church. the church has a service at that time. police aren't releasing details how the accident happened. health officials this afternoon say the death toll in a rare fungal meningitis outbreak has risen to center.
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cdc says the outbreak has spread to more than 60 people across nine states. the latest cases are confirmed in minnesota and ohio. the outbreak has been linked to a steroid produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the pharmacy is cooperating with investigators determine the source of infections. the stroid has -- steroid has been recalled. fans at tonight's cal-ucla game will witness a special event. historical memorial stadium will be rededicated after the recent $321 million renovation. when the stadium was named in 1923 it was to honor the canadians who give they're lives -- their lives in world war i. and the rededication is for all those who served the nation. >> the national hotel is on main street in jackson, california,
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an hour southeast of sacramento. california's longest continuing running hotel has been in operation since 1863. its legacy includes guests like mark twin and black bart. after a two year $4 million renfro know -- $4 million renovation,. >> we have people from the bay area and southern california who came here in their younger days and had a wild time. >> ama: the lore includes john wayne once losing 56,000 cozy in -- $56,000 in a four-day poker game. >> leigh: at the top of the show we want through all the activities and niner fans, i forgot about you guys. actually i didn't. i have something for you.
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a beautiful shot this hour from the high definition cam. obviously looking west at the bay bridge there and a little cloud cover right near the coast there. of course, san francisco here. live doppler 7 hd picking up on a few clouds round the bay area. much has pushed off the coast so we're experiencing clear sky. it's 70 right now in san rafael. san francisco, 64. clear lake, 77. 71 in vallejo. antioch, 75. 74 for -- hold on a second. these are your highs for sunday. one second. and we'll get to this. sorry about that. here we go. there's the live doppler 7hd. sometimes the computer just decides to quit on us. there's the clouds, and here's some current readings right now. 73 in antioch, and livermore. 67 in san francisco. and loss los gatos, 73.
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we'll continue with patchy fog overnight. mainly north bay. high clouds and sunshine tomorrow, and then we introduce chance of some showers heading into monday and tuesday. lows tonight with a little clearing interior locations, look at them, into the 40s. 46 for napa. cool, overnight. elsewhere look for 52 for san francisco and 53 for san jose. here is the story. upper level lows just off the coast. the counterclockwise spin helps us scour out the low clouds earlier this morning. it will stay put off the coast tomorrow so expect clouds and sun mix. a mild day, as we head into monday and tuesday, thoaz, this counterclockwise spin, the low gets closer, and this is 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. a chance of a few isolate showers across the bay area, and then heading into wednesday, the low will track into southern california when our showers will start to decrease.
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now, for the 49er fans, yeah, buffalo bills in town tomorrow, kickoff, 62, and by 4:30, few clouds and some sunshine. temperature of 64 degrees. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. antioch, 75. mild day tomorrow. livermore, 74. santa rosa, 73. 64, san francisco. 72, san jose, and santa cruz tomorrow, lovely, 7 2. 76 for gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll go with more of the same tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, morning overcat, and then we'll thicken the cloud monday and tuesday, bringing in a slight chance of showers, and that would be mainly in the south bay, and then we'll start to see some partly cloudy conditions, including sunshine, thursday and friday. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc-7 news. these people are taking the chance.
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melissa of san francisco, and llewellyn of concord and beverly have entered through our facebook page. the winner will be anoinsd right after the 49ers game on october 18th. you can enter. go to face news and click the win $49,000 button for all the details. >> go niners. >> ama: but nothing else going on in sports. >> mike: really a slow weekend. baseball playoffs, niners -- nothing like a homecoming on a college campus. stanford welcoming back alum nice, taking on arizona. trying to get back on a winning
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>> mike: homecoming weekend in college football. stanford hosting arizona, and as you can imagine the student section was packed. and sum alumni snuck down there. opening drive, a great pass. 11 yards. great ball placement. 7-0 stanford. third quarter, stanford 21, 20. here come he wildcats. arizona on top 27-21 this went back and forth. young takes the handoff. finds a seam. gets to the sidelines. he is again. 55-yard romp. stanford back on top 34-33. arizona now up seven. trying to pull away. scott to miller. stanford up 48-34. then stanford drives down fourth and eight. a must completion. and then nunez by himself.
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takes it in. we're tied. stanford, intercept on arizona's first drive, and then taylor seals the deals. cardinal win a wild one, 54-48 your final. >> cal hosting ucla later this evening, and you talk about a must win for jeff tedford. that would be tonight. the bears are 1-4. bruins are 4-1 under mora. and you can't win if you can't stop your opponents offense. a lot of college offenses running spread formation, playing field is wide open. tougher to track down receivers and backs. stanford nose they have to get better. >> have to do a better job of tackling in open field. all the spread attacks are critical in open space. you tackle well. and we have missed a few tackles here in the open field, and even
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behind the line of scrimmage. >> mike: top ten action. lsu visiting florida. first half, defensive battle. the quarterback spent most of the day on his back. logan forces a fumble. that leads to a field goal. tigersed lead. gillingsly. 12 yards out. gators win 14-6. a big upset. >> barrel playoffs in full swing. we have an -- updated scores, and giants and the
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>> mike: let's talk baseball. giants hosting the reds in the nlds. matt cain on the hill fating
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cueto, butter postie is the only remaining player from the world series as a position player. his leadership in the clubhouse has been key to the giants' run to the playoff. >> i hate to think where we would be without buster posey. and the pitching staff, putting up numbers. i can't think of a player more valuable. >> he is trying to lead us and find ways we're trying to pitch to guys. and not really saying that me and timmy or vogy are going to throw the same way. he knows we all like to pitch different and he is trying to pick our brains. >> mike: a's and tigers underway. tigers up 2-1 in the fourth. ohio state hosting nebraska right here on abc-7 news with 5:00 p.m. kickoff, and stay tuned for "after the game". and mike mcintosh will join
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us. >> ama: right now janets fans are flocking to at&t park for game one of the national league series. sergio quintana is in the middle of the action. reporter: the orange crush of giants fans are starting to line up but the gates to at&t park are about to open up. one of self things going on in the city. >> ama: a mayor in california says he has a plan to help end homelessness in his city that has homelessed advocates furiou. >> we're buddies. he came to see me. >> a story of love and loyalty. a dog goes to great lengths to be back with his
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>> we are taking a live look at the bay -- not the bay bridge -- the golden gate bridge, of course you see the wonderful color. traffic is moving nicely right now despite all the people in the city for the mass of events going on and it's going to be madness and mayhem at at&t park but it's the good kind. the giants will begin the slaughter -- at least that's my hope -- of the reds at 6:30. sergio quintana is live with the excitement. reporter: and the gates at at&t park are supposed to open up about two hours before each game. so these are a whole lot of people who are lined up for this matchup against the cincinnati red. giants fans are excited enough
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they're team is making another championship run but with the blue angels flying overhead and a few people in military uniform here, fans who did have to weight a few minutes to get in, got a special treat. >> okay. how excited are you? >> i'm so excited i can't begin to tell you. >> so exciting just to have the atmosphere, the crowd, everyone is dress in giants gear, pumped up and excited to be here, and this is an extra bonus to have the blue angels angels and fleek going on at the same time. it's amazing. reporter: people have to be quick to whip out their camera phones to catch pictures of the blue angels screaming by overhead because there is so much happening in the city today, the word has been out for a few days now to aavoid driving, and fans say they took b.a.r.t. or the train.
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and the rush of people going to at&t park has just begun. it will be interesting to see how things go as the game progresses and i have seen a few people wearing ayeseers yes and i wanted to offer their best wishes and good will to their cross-bay rivals. they're hoping they'll do well against detroit. reporting live at at&t park, abc-7 news. >> ama: very nice of them. thank you. there's a's fans not in detroit are enjoying game one against the tigers at gatherings around the bay area. in oakland the crowd is thrilled to see their team the playoffs since 2006. >> it's wonderful to see this team go where no one expected from them. going against all the odds. it's exciting. >> ama: right now the a's trial the tigers 2-1 in the forth. mike shumann will have the latest on the game in sports.
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>> we want to see your postseason pride. e-mail photos like this one. we'll be showing some of the photos on the playoffs so send those in. the eastern span of the new bay bridge continues to take shape. a $6.4 billion project years the making. here's a live look at the bay bridge right now. we got a look at some of the work going, on the oakland side. >> labor day wasn't the target for opening the bridge. originally the plan called for opening the westbound side and then the eastbound side. the problem is there's not enough room to build a new freeway but they lopped nine
4:36 pm
months off the schedule. >> we're always looking for ways to improve the job, to get it open faster. so our engineers took a risk and put this contract out, and now we're moving forward with it quickly. >> the tricking oakland touchdown is where a lot of work is going on right now. the foundations of the old west bridge has been knocked down to may way for the new eastbound deck. the water surprise falls with the tide. what is now a kind of pool will be fill in with concrete. >> we're using lightweight concrete that is actually buoyant and can rise and fall over the year with the changes in the level of the water. reporter: and the mywood farms -- ply wood forms of the deck are being built. for anyone hoping to get a boat's eye bridge, caltrans has a warning. it's dangerous. >> we've got extra patrols so you should know, coast guard,
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chp, actually underneath the bay bridge right now because so much work is going on the span. so, please do not go undernight the suspension bridge while we are lifting 35,200 tons. >> ama: not a good idea. abc-7 news is your bay bridge station. we're counts down the days until completion of the new bay bridge, just 331 days to go now. we'll continue to bring you progress reports on the work here on abc-7 news. a southern california mayor is underfire for wanting to get rid of soup kitchens in his city. the controversy is happening in the orange county city of costa mess ca, where some of the soup kitchens are targeted for closure. the proposal is getting fierce opposition. they say elderly, fixed income residents will suffer the most. the mayor says the idea is a first step in fighting costa coa
4:38 pm
mesa's homeless problem. >> my belief is if we manage to put the soup kitchen out of business, that will go a long way towards the nuisance that is bringing a negative impact. >> the issue is headed for debate in city council. >> today both presidential candidate are preparing for the next debate. ann romney kept the momentum going for her husband, stopping into a campaign headquarters in orlando, florida. she brought peas sack find out autographs and called supporters. >> this is anne romney calling. >> and campaign news from the democratic side, aides announced president obama raised a record $181 million in september. the president will continue raising money tomorrow in los angeles. he nissan francisco monday night
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for a couldn't certain fundraiser at the bill graham auditorium. the man who served as the pope's butler is now serving time. he was convicted in a vatican city court offing a aggravated t for leaking confidential papal documents and has been ordered to serve out his sentence in a prison. he cold the court he wanted to explosion wrong-doing and corruption and gave the documents to an italian journalist. police found more than a thousand important documents in his apartment. some signed by pope benedict and some thriebled be destroyed. >> fast-moving evebtses to bring accused terrorists to justice. just hours ago five terror suspects faced federal judges after coming from britain. here's the latest. [shouting] >> radical preacher stood before the federal judge face charges
4:40 pm
of conspiring to set up a terror training camp in oregon, and kidnapping 16 towerrizess -- tourists in yemen. >> a very dangerous person who has not just inspired but worked operationally. so it's charged to have terrorist attacks carried out against americans. >> in the 1990s prosecutors say he turned a mosque into a breeding ground for extremists, attracting men like muse muse -- and she shoe boomer, richard reeves. >> he was preaching hatred and preaching jihad and terrorism week and week out to thousands of young british muslims. >> he fought extradition the united states while jailed in britain for inciting rarity pate haith tread and encouraging followers to kill nonmuslims but just after a british court
4:41 pm
denied his appeal he was pack on a plane bound for the u.s. awaiting trial with him or two other suspects accused of par pate -- passty tis pating in the bomb office two embassy in africa. two more feign faced a judge in knew haven. the used a connecticut internet service provider to raise cash and recruit members. >> ama: david blaine goes for the shock factor with his latest stunt. his one in a million high voltage effort. a heartbroken dog makes an amazing journey. the adventures of zander who would let nothing get in the way of being by his owner's side. >> there is a little rain in the forecast. leigh glaser
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>> ama: a theater company that started in a storefront is celebrating with a bold move. the san francisco playhouse is moving to a bigger theater and opening with a controversial musical next week. don sanchez gives us a preview.
4:44 pm
>> rehearsal of bloody, bloody andrew jackson, remembering the seventh president as a rock star. performing as construction goes on around him. >> we built the stage over the first six rows. >> phil english and suzie are created an intimate space with 200 seats. double what they first had. >> when we started, basically standing in union square, he would stand there handing out fliers and some of our subscribe ers are still here. >> the shows have a special connection to the audience. >> we make traditional theater edgy and we make edgy theater accessible. >> we log for plays that drag the audience into a connection with the character. >> it's paid off. >> one show last year we turned away over 1,000 patrons for the run of the show. so we're bursting at the seams. >> time to move and this place is a perfect fit.
4:45 pm
this theater on the square, the post street theater, and now the san francisco playhouse. they move here with great anticipation. here's an insider tip. the rivets on the set are vanilla way fer warhfer cookie use, the stakes are high to put on a good show and entertain people. >> changing times for a company opposite called san francisco's best kept secret. >> highs-under our time to say week not a secret anymore. >> ama: at this moment, there are one million volts of electricity pulsing through illusionist david blaine. his latest stunt. the electrified event started friday and is scheduled to last 72 hours. dressed in a 27-pound chain mail suit and wire helmet, blaine is standing on a podium surrounded by coils conducting conducting e
4:46 pm
million volts. previous stunts by the 39-year-old performance artist including being buried alive and frozen in a block of eyes. >> if -- block of ice. >> if you ever dowded the connect between man and dog, this may change your mind. here's the story. reporter: this is a story of deep friendship between man and beast. >> a great place. >> this seven-year-old husky named zander was so heartbroken whence his owner went to the hospital, he slipped out of his home and ran more than two miles to find him. >> i don't know how he got here. >> john was laying in his hospital bed when he got a call from a hospital employee, with an urgent message. >> i got to get to work. got your dog. you got to get him. >> how could a dog possibly have known his owner was in the hospital two miles away? animal experts say it's a
4:47 pm
mystery but some dogs can do this. >> this dog can get out of that yard, and start wandering around and wind up in front of the hospital. it's like one in a million. >> nobody knows how zander made it there because he had never been to the hospital before. he would have to pass a stream, cross a highway, and navigate through neighborhood streets to get there. he was a starving education roiks -- dog rescued five years ago. when john was hospitalizees, zander was distraught. >> he came to see me. >> he says his 70-pound huskie is like a son to him and is zanders devotion shows why dog is man's best friend. >> some sense of location.
4:48 pm
>> the clouds that were near the coast earlier today have moved on out of here. that's because we do have a cutoff low just off the coast. after today, get ready for chance of showers across the bay area. nice mild temperatures right now. 73 in napa. 57 in san francisco. half moon bay, 66. livermore, 73. 73 for antioch, and 71 with clear sky right now in san jose. we may see a little bit of patchy fog overnight. otherwise, high clouds and sunshine for your sunday, and then the clouds start to thicken up on monday, leading to the possibility of light showers, maybe just a few sprinkles, monday and tuesday. here's a look at the fog cavity. we'll start -- fogcast. we start out clear but in the north bay and interior valleys we'll have pockets of fog,er ner the coast, and ending just in time for all the air
4:49 pm
festivities. looks like the low cloud and fog with burn back to the coast and said there throughout the course of the afternoon. this is the cutoff low. tomorrow, look for a mixture of sun and clouds. the forecast models want to bring this right to the south of the bay area by early tuesday morning and could mean a chance of a few isolated showers developing, mainly our higher elevations and mainly south of san francisco, as this low, the counterclockwise spin will push into southern california as we head into wednesday night and thursday, and of course that will take the threat of any shower activity for the bay area the ought. lows tonight. 40s in the north bay. 50s elsewhere and get ready for another terrific day tomorrow. antioch, 75. 74 for livermore. 64 tomorrow for san francisco, north bay, cloverdale, 75. fremont, 70. 70, palo alto, 72, san jose,
4:50 pm
santa cruz, a little fog tomorrow morning. afternoon sunshine. 72 in gilroy. look at the seven-day forecast. partly sunny on sunday. and then we'll thicken the clouds. s night and monday as the low tracks close, bringing us a slight chance of maybe some sprinkles, heavy mist and drizzle on monday and tuesday, and with the low treks to the so the of us, we'll start to see a little more sunshine, especially as we head into thursday and friday. temperatures worm -- warm back inland into the upper 70s inland. >> ama: mike shumann is here check of sports. >> mike: baseball playoffs underway around the nation and both the a asksy giants in the hunt. stanford's game went to ot on homecoming weekend down on the farm. what a game and what a finish. that's next
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>> mike: barracks top of the order and what we hope will be another bay bridge series between the a's and giants. giants hosting the reds, game one testimony matt cain on the hill facing johnny way to. believe it or not buster posey is the only starter left from the 2010 series and his leadership in the clubhouse, let's say they couldn't have gotton to the playoffs without him. >> i hate to think where we would be without buster posey. the guy that is handling the pitching staff, putting up numbers he put up. i can't think of a player more valuable. >> he is trying to lead us and find ways we're trying to pitch to guys, and that -- not saying that me and timmy or vogy are
4:54 pm
going to throw the same way. he knows we like to pitch different and he is going to try different things. >> mike: jo good nights. a's and tigers in detroit, and the alds. the tigers up 3-1 in the fifth. we'll have complete highlights on "after the game". homecoming weekend in college football. always one of my favorites. seeing the old, timers returning, stanford hosting arizona and student section was packed and ready to go. opening drive. nunez, great pass. touchdown. great ball placement. 7-0 stanford. third quarter, stanford up one. the wildcats, thread the needle. arizona on top. 27-21. this one went back and forth. young, takes the handoff. finds the seam. gets to the sideline. and he is gone. 55-yard romp. stanford walk on top. arizona, now up seven. trying to pull away.
4:55 pm
scott to miller. stanford trailed 38-34, but stanford drives down, fourth and eight. nunez to ertz. first down, and then nunez by himself. rolls right. we're tied rat 48. now overtime. stanford intercept on arizona's first dine, and then taylor seals the deal. the touchdown run, stanford's first overtime possession and the cardinal win a wild one, 54-58 the final. >> cal hosting ucla this evening, and talk about a must-win for jeff tedford. that would be testimony the bears, 1-4. bruins come to town 4-1. one of cal's many problems is on the defensive side of the ball with poor tackling. it's a simple fundamental. a lot of college offenses running the spread formation and the playing field becomes wide open and tougher to track down
4:56 pm
receivers. >> we got to do a better job of tackling open field. all the spread attacks are critical in open space-that you tackle well, and we've missed some tackles in the open field, and even behind the line of scrimmage. they need to do a better job of wrapping people up. >> mike: top ten action. lsu visiting florida. first half, defensive battle. gators quarterback kris extol, spend most of the day on his back. kenny logan forces a fumble. led to a field goal. tigers 6-0. but florida's running game took over in the second half. the touchdown, second score of the game. gators upset lsu, 14-6, your final. >> coming up. house stays hosting nebraska right here on abc-7. stay tuned for "after the game". san jose's coach joins larry and yours truly as we break down the day in college football.
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and the giants and a's resident, just take one. giants at home for two, a's on the road. take one and pick and then the a's get home and got channels we'll see what happens. >> ama: hope for the best. we want to help you share your team spirit go to our facebook page and click on "go giants and a's" on the home page. choose the team and host that team's badge on your facebook wall. there are three choices for giants fans and three for a's, and we have a couple of options for fans of both teams. >> that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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